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Impressionistic Painting of Jacaranda and Roses
Jacaranda and Roses

Painting and drawing have been a part of Linda Serrao’s artistic life from childhood, when she filled the backsides of used paper that her father would bring home from work.  Raised in California’s Central Valley where there was no real access to art schools, she checked out every book on drawing from the Bookmobile, teaching herself functional anatomy of people and animals before high school.  A portion of her early adult career was devoted to painterly, impressionistic portraits and landscapes.


Figurative sculpural Freshwater Pearl Necklace in form of a realistic flower
Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Linda Serrao began her professional career in the early 1980’s in jewelry making, selling to boutiques in the San Francisco Bay Area. She was well known for producing sterling silver cast pieces in very limited editions and hand wired one-of-a-kind designs. From the very beginning, her works have been inspired by the organic shapes of nature: leaves, flowers, snowflakes and the asymmetrical curves and swirls of water and clouds. Her jewelry was quite sculptural and unique as she was creating pieces just at the trailing end of the vintage jewelry movement. Many of the organic motifs evident in her jewelry appear later in her bronze sculptures.


Excited young Football fan
Young Football Fan

Growing from the miniature sculpture of jewelry, Serrao found her true calling in large sculptural works ranging from bas relief through realistic life-size bronze figures. Classic Greek sculptures provide stylistic inspiration, although Bernini (17th Century Roman) is her favorite sculptor. Specializing in bronze character portraits, she is famous for works expressing the mood or inner spirit of her subject. Her bronze sculptures offer a comment on our shared human condition, illustrating the universal experiences and concerns common to all cultures. All bronze sculptures are produced in very limited editions and are of the highest quality in execution and finish, suitable for indoor or outdoor display where weather and human interaction are factors.


Traditional and realistic Sculpture commission installed in public garden

Serrao specializes in site specific bronze sculpture for public, private, and corporate commissions. Her bronzes are in collections throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Australia, and New Zealand.  They are renowned for their candid and intimate glimpse of the subject immersed in a personal moment.





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